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S3 as we call ourselves, enables small and mid-size companies to market, distribute, and service their products, applications, and technology solutions to international markets.

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Smarter and Safer Solutions LLP

INDIA: 1001 Chiranjiv Towers, 43 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019

USA (Connecticut): 50 Rumford Street, West Hartford, CT 06107

USA (Florida): 5660 Strand Court, #26, Naples, FL 34110

JAPAN: 1-17-8, Hanasaki, Narashion-shi, Chiba, 275-0013

SINGAPORE: 69 Ubi Road 1,10-28, Oxley BizHub, Singapore 408731

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Smarter and Safer

We partner with market-leading companies from around the world to offer solutions that will dramatically improve the personal safety of first responders and day-to-day users

Body Worn Cameras: Visual Labs Inc

The body camera company that does not make body cameras. ™

The Visual Labs software transforms the smartphone into a secure, encrypted body-worn camera, enhances battery life, and automatically uploads the videos once recording is done. You can live stream video and remotely initiate a video stream from the command centre. When not used as a body worn camera, you can continue to use the smartphone for other voice & data applications.

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Body Worn Safety Lights: Guardian Angel

Resource Magnifier

The Guardian Angel is a small rugged wearable light, designed to provide the same immediate visibility for the wearer as they have in their official vehicles


Speech Protector: Santor

Your privacy, at the touch of a button

1) To help keep meetings and conversations PRIVATE 
2) To prevent information leakage that happens due to unauthorized voice recording
3) Protecting Personal Information - A voice recording may be used as a blackmailing tool and can even destroy a reputation

Santor on the desk.jpg

Flood Protection: QuickDams

Be Prepared. Be Protected. Sandless Sandbags

Ready to use. No need for sand or labor, filling sandbags. Swelled bags contain, control, and divert flood water. Stack multiple bags in brick formation to increase wall height. Leave in place for ongoing protection and use. 
Safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic.
Environmentally friendly and decomposes over time.

Sandless Barriers.jpg

Ballistic Eyewear: Bollé

Stopping ricochets and shrapnel

STANAG 2920 and EN172 Certified, ballistic protection sunglasses ensure
maximum protection 

Officers with their Bolles.jpg
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