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Partners on Board

Patrol officer with Body Worn Light

Archangel Device LLC

"In 2015-16, Arch Angel was selling well in the US and exploring the possibility of going overseas.  It was in this exploration process that we met up with Manish.  It was an instant connection on both a professional and personal level.  Manish spent the time to understand not just the product solution but also our company values.  He became fully embedded in our company, taking the time to visit our offices on multiple occasions. Since that time, thanks to his leadership, keen understanding of international markets and his wide in-region and in-country relationships, we are now successfully deployed across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East.  Manish and his team made sure that we penetrated even the more difficult markets like Japan.  He is now in the process of helping us build a market in Europe and Africa.  We are delighted to have partnered with Smarter and Safer."

Chad Keller

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Absorbent Specialty Products

"We have had a wonderful experience working with Manish and Smarter and Safer Solutions.  They personify the words 'regional partners.'  The team at Smarter and Safer are very proactive in their engagement and detailed in their execution. Jointly we are working on opportunities in Japan, Singapore, India, and Qatar.  This joint effort has allowed our products to be tried, tested, and then deployed by marquee customers.
We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Smarter and Safer Solutions.”

Katie Smith
Director, Sales & Marketing

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"We are a California based public safety start-up.  We have tasked Manish and his Smarter and Safer Solutions team to help us build out the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern regions.  They have taken the time to understand our solutions completely, and then to strongly represent us to key accounts in Japan, Singapore, India and the UAE.  We remain thankful for their on-ground presence, deep rooted regional relationships and high professionalism."

Barry O


Breezer Holdings LLC

"South Asia, and in particular India, is a competitive market place, especially in the  space of evaporative cooling. With the help of Smarter and Safer Solutions (S3), we were able to successfully penetrate this market.  The team at S3 has taken a targeted approach to market promotion, showcasing the Power Breezer solution at trade shows and live demos at end-user locations.  In a short period, we have had multiple deployments across various markets.  They have a strong customer focus and competent after sales support.  We are most appreciative of their commitment to best-in-class service.  Their CEO joined our team at our Florida headquarters, and represented us at two different trade shows in Dubai and Singapore, to ensure the full and complete transfer of skills and knowledge.  The team at Smarter and Safer has our full support and endorsement."

David Williams
VP, International

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