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Solutions to reduce spread of  COVID-19

The widespread fear of the Coronavirus and our lack of preparedness was a wake call for us. This unfortunate occurrence galvanized us to offer products that can help our users protect themselves and prevent the spread of the virus. Our solutions will make an immediate and lasting impact on our customers, be it providing safety to citizens & those who protect them or improving their workflow or making critical information quickly available to those who need it.
For some of our products - the need for use is infrequent but the payoff for use in moments that matter is incomparable. You only need the security of our solutions just once to make your investment worthwhile.
Making you Smarter and Safer!


About Us

Smarter and Safer is making all efforts to offer Solutions to monitor, and halt the spread of Covid-19
S3 as we call ourselves, enable the best-in-class companies to bring-to-market their products, applications, and technology solutions.


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In Moments that Matter

We partner with market-leading companies from around the world to bring to the region solutions that will dramatically improve the personal safety of first responders and day-to-day users

NIOSH N95 respirators

Reducing the risks of being infected by airborne diseases

We offer the NIOSH-approved N95 respirators. With full certification. Filters at least 95% of airborne particles. Headband design style. Made with ultrasonic welding technology, glue-free and odorless.

European FFP2/FFP3 and China KN95

Respirators are tested to the relevant European Standards and CE marked

To protect against solid and/ or liquid aerosols identified as hazardous or irritating. These are used to protect users from respiratory hazards, including chemical, and biological materials


FEEVR is a rapid thermal screening system to detect individuals in a crowd with an elevated temperature.

FEEVR has a proprietary AI face detection algorithm that detects and isolates an individual's forehead which overlays the thermal detection to identify the indicative temperature to detect a possible fever.

Other thermal devices only provide the thermal image and do not detect or alert on the actual temperature. 

FEEVR enables the user to identify individuals with possible fever, efficiently and effectively, without making direct body contact, minimizing the risk of infectious disease cross-contamination.

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Contact less - measuring from a distance

The thermometer provides fast forehead temperature measurement, suitable for all ages. It supports forehead or ear function. ℃ and ℉ are easily switchable.

DFMD - infrared Thermometer Door Frame Metal Detectors

This walkthrough infrared body temperature detector integrated body temperature measurement with metal detection, which effectively prevents large scale disease spread, it also serves as a world class DFMD

1.Non-contact measurement: measure the passing through people's temperature without touch with the detector.
2.Voice prompt: real-time voice broadcast "normal body temperature" or "please check the body temperature" to quickly and accurately screen for abnormal body temperature.
3.High-temperature accuracy: ≤0.5 °C
4.Measure distance: 50 - 200 m
5.Measure height: not less than 1500mm
6.Fast detection speed: ≤ 0.5 seconds.

Nitrile Gloves

Superior glove when it comes to puncture resistance

  • Latex-free

  • Almost puncture-resistant

  • High level of sensitivity

  • Great fit

  • Wears well when worn for extended amount of time

  • Ideal for high-risk situations involving infectious material

Protective suits to tend coronavirus patients

Meeting the European standard EN 14126 standard

The European standard EN 14126 stipulates requirements for protective clothing against infective agents, i.e. virus, bacteria, and fungi.

Rapid Antibody test kits for COVID-19

Serological tests- measuring the level of antibodies in a sample of blood serum

The result can be made available within 15 minutes. In this test, a blood sample would be placed into a unite coated inside with the antigen. If the right antibodies show up, they will connect to the antigen. This test that could help detect COVID-19 which individuals may be immune to it. This is not a RT-PCR based test.

Speech Protector

Your privacy, at the touch of a button

1) TO HELP KEEP MEETINGS AND CONVERSATIONS PRIVATE - Spontaneous recordings have never been easier to make
3) PROTECTING PERSONAL REPUTATION - A voice recording may be used as a blackmailing tool and can even destroy a reputation

Body Worn Cameras: Reveal Media

With you on the frontline

Provides compelling evidence, protects workers by deterring crime, reduces frivolous complaints, increases early guilty pleas and decreases time spent on paper work.

Ballistic Eyewear: Bollé

Stopping ricochets and shrapnel

Certified to STANAG 2920 and EN172, these ASSAULT ballistic protection sunglasses ensure
maximum protection against any event.

Body Worn Safety Lights: Guardian Angel

Resource Magnifier

The Guardian Angel is a rugged wearable lighted device, designed to provide the same immediate visibility and recognition for the wearer as they have in their official vehicles

Helmet Mounted Mil Spec Camera: MOHOC

The world's first military-optimized Helmet Camera

Sport cameras are not designed for military operations. The MOHOC® is a tactically-designed military helmet camera that revolutionizes form-factor, durability and user interface.

Flood Protection: Sandless Sandbags-Quick Dams

Be Prepared. Be Protected

Ready to use. No need for sand or labor, filling sandbags. Swelled bags contain, control, and divert flood water. Stack multiple bags in brick formation to increase wall height. Leave in place for ongoing protection and use. 
Safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic.
Environmentally friendly and decomposes over time.

Handheld Explosive & Drug Detector: SEEKERe

Helping collect valuable presumptive evidence

The SEEKERe helps collect presumptive evidence. It very quickly, and with minimal training allows a frontline officer to collect a sample and determine the potential threat of the person and their belongings by the detection of the smallest trace of explosives. This is an invaluable resource, and with detection in just seconds, one that should be in the hands of as many end users as possible.

MIL SPEC Portable Mobile Cooling: Power Breezer

Everybody deserves to be Cool!

Engineered to cool outdoor environments, Power Breezer is the most effective solution for cooling outdoor and partially covered spaces.


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INDIA: 1001 Chiranjiv Towers, 43 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019

USA (Florida): 5660 Strand Court, #26, Naples, FL 34110

USA (Michigan): 42657 Garfield Road Unit 217 Clinton Township, MI 48038

JAPAN: 1-17-8, Hanasaki, Narashion-shi, Chiba, 275-0013

SINGAPORE: 69 Ubi Road 1,10-28, Oxley BizHub, Singapore 408731

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